Friday, January 26, 2007

First Time at Fraser’s Hill - Part 2

Second Day – Feb. 10, 05

It was Maal Hijrah, the new Islamic calendar year for Muslims, and I woke up a bit late. After saying my prayer I put on my jogging attire and off I went jogging around Fraser’s Hill. It was a nice jog through thick fog up and down the road. I managed to complete the whole circle as it was like jogging during the Falls in Syracuse. Not that many people on the road I only met two families walking and a jogger doing yoga stand at one of the tourist stop area. When I got back to the condo I sat down to have breakfast with the family. As I sat outside at the balcony eating I could feel the cold breeze blowing continuously. I thought it was just the morning weather but the situation persisted and dark clouds lingered on the horizon. One moment like it was going to rain and a moment later a clear sky. I thought we were going for a swim again but looking at the weather and knowing the water would be too cold for us we just stayed in until 4.30pm when we went out to check Fraser’s Hill again.

We went back to the square and ‘lepak’ there until maghrib. My daughter, Kak Cik, and I armed with our camera roamed the square for good shots. We managed a few.

Back at the condo as usual we cooked our dinner.

We planned to leave early the next day so everyone turn in a bit early.

Third Day – Feb 11, 05

All of us woke up or forced to wake up early. By 7.30am all of us were ready and immediately loaded out cars with the luggage. Our timing was perfect as we reached the gate it was 8 am and the green light was on for us to immediately proceed downhill. The drive down was pleasant for me. I switched off the ‘aircon’ and let the cool breeze from outside hit my face. I love zig zaging down towards Gap at that instance as I just free the gear and let the momentum push our truck downwards.

Our plan was to make a stop at the water falls at Pertak to take a long cold dip. Long as in a long time coming and for a long period of time. There were two families already there when we reached the place at around 9 am. I presumed, based on their tents, one family had actually camped for the night the night before. The water fall was one of the best in terms of setting and the depth of the water pool but as usual I was frustrated to see pathetic Malaysian were displaying signs of immaturity. Rubbish of all sorts were strewn around the area and practically spoilt the area. I could not help but understood why Allah wrath were set upon time and time again. We basically spoilt all His gifts with our stupidity. I actually made my feeling known to my family loudly and I honestly did not mind if the rest there over heard what I said. I was basically fed up with the situation. After for few hours swimming we sped home.

So how do I rate Fraser’s Hill?

Well, only if I have something to write and need a quite place with less distraction I’ll go there again. Apart from that I do not think so. One thing I do not understand is how come they could not develop the place like Cameron Highland. I am not saying they should do a carbon copy of Cameron Highland but certainly they could do something to bring more life to the place. A few attractions would do well for the place where at least people can relax and enjoy with their family.

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