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Ikin's Wedding, June 1, 2003

I am not sure how many actually turned up that day and it always a wonderful feeling to meet old friends that you have not met for quiet sometimes. Shida, to me has not changed that much but you, Sue, as Shida said makin cerah…LOL and a bit skinny..LOL. Ikin plak nampak macam dah …….. sikit. For what it worth it is not size that matters but how ones feel inside. If you are happy being what you are, albeit in a good health, be it. Yes, Sue I know I am a bit kurus and so many people commented the same to me. My condition is due to trying to stay healthy based on the advice of my doctor. Nothing major is wrong with me but due to my family history with heart problem and hypertension I was advised to take good care of my health and reduce my weight. So my weight reduction has been due to constant exercises, that I am beginning to enjoy, and proper diet. I have still 5 kilos to reduce, so the next time I meet you I could be even more kurus. Sue, my wife tu memang ada Chinese blood from his father’s side. To be exact Chinese+Pakistani+Minang+Melayu sebab tu anak I macam-macam variations sebab tambah lagi Rawa blood from me..LOL.

Sue and Shida, we are a very close family, out of office hours where ever I go I will take my family along. If there is something good to be learned here my advice to you all is give more time for your family. I do not see any reason or logic to those people who say that he is so busy for his/her family. Family time is family time do not get your works mix up with it. I see enough examples out there where family huru hara just because the parent put more emphasis on memancing, golf and other things. Well, nothing wrong with all those but you have to know your priority. Your foremost and greatest responsibility in this world is towards, besides Allah, is your family. To me ones children are the greatest assets and if you screw up with your greatest assets you are not fit be called the best manager, coach, players, man of the year, best economist or whatever. So, parents please do not neglect your children. Do not trust helpers, Indons or whatever, tutors, or motivators with their up bringing. You have to take an active part.

For others information yesterday I decided to drive up to KK instead of staying overnight in Ipoh or KK. We left in our truck early in the morning and arrived in KK at about 11 am. As I knew there will be Pasar Minggu in town we parked somewhere and took a stroll enjoying the environment. My wife managed to buy few items like belacan, ikan masin and ikan bilis. We could not find her favorite jering cambah though…LOL. Kalau tak bebau la bilik air rumah I hari ni..LOL. Of course we had cendol and the inevitable KK laksa. When we left Kajang I forgot to buy a wedding card for Ikin so I drove around town to search for one and I was lucky to find one and unlucky for Ikin, wheather you like it of not, that was the only one in KK. I sincerely hope you like it. We finally headed for the direction of Ikin’s house at half past twelve and when we got to the ‘Jerat Chino’ (Kubor China) I discovered we were a bit too early and I continued to drive on towards Manong. We only stopped and made a turn at one Masjid which I could not remember the name. Anyway, Ikin, FYI we wrote the wishes in the card there for you. We arrived at Ikin’s place approx. 1.10 pm and headed straight to her house. Not many people yet when we arrived and I asked one women about the Tuan Rumah and the woman pointed towards a man in baju melayu. I gave my salam and introduced myself and my family to Ikin’s father. I asked about the pengantin and was mentioned that the bride was inside if I wanted to meet her. Since, the pengantin lelaki was not ‘punctual’ we decided to eat first.

While I was eating I turned to my left and saw Shida and Sue, a bit cerah but I still know it’s her, walking up towards the tent and I waited if they would looked up towards me so that I could wave at them. But they were too engrossed and expressive with their talking to notice me. Not until I had finished my food that I turned and saw them seated diagonally to my left. I waved at them when they were looking at me and they walked over soon enough to greet me. We talked, asked about ourselves, introduced my family and kissed ..opps silap tak ada kiss-kiss..LOL. Not a long chat but it was meaningful. I guess Shida had to leave early and saw she left, I didn’t remember whether we said goodbye or wave goodbye at one another.

At first I thought of staying for the bersanding but since it would be late and tiring for everyone we decided to leave but of course not before we met the bride. I got help from Sue to escort us in and met with the lovely and ever smiling bride of the day. We wished her all the best, took few photos and left her house after saying goodbye to Ikin’s father.

By the way, Shida and I didn’t get a chance to spoil everyone’s appetite with our singing….LOL.

Unlike Sue we did not have any more weddings to go and we drove towards home via route 1 (old main trunk road). My plan was to stop at any interesting places along the way, especially where there is water to berendam. In the end we did not find any place good to stop accept one town that I had meant to go for quite sometimes.

People tend to associate Tg Rambutan with the not so nice notion that it is a ‘crazy’ town or a town for mentally unstable people. To me Tg Rambutan is the first place where I go to school. Seriously, Sek Kebangsaan Tg Rambutan (then) was my first school and I went there for only satu penggal, the first time I mentioned this to my children my sons laughed at me and said ‘Abah pergi sekolah orang gila padan la Abah kadang-kadang gila’, until Ulu Kinta Field Force Camp has its own primary school. I still have fond memory of my first school and the thing I remember most was the train that passed by beside our school. The school was beside Tg Rambutan railway station and just like Lat depicted in his drawing everytime the train passed by all heads turned to watch so much so the teachers got immune to it. So, imagine my surprise when I got there I found out that the sign board at the gate now reads Sek Kebangsaan Tamil Tg Rambutan. My sons could not stop laughing at me and I just stared at the school and still could not believe my eyes. I am very sure I was standing in front of the right school as the environment and memory straight away connected with me. I do not know how to explain this but that was the way I felt. I was standing there but my mind has gone down to 1967 and I saw my friends running in the field playing, the school canteen which was a standard colonial wooden house and I saw myself pushing and shoving trying to buy kacang goreng for my sister at home. I spent an hour or so reminiscing and taking photographs there and my family as usual knows me so well and gave some space for me to be on my own. We eventually drove towards Ipoh where we stopped for few hours to cool off at Kinta City.

I am sorry that this piece has got the better of me and too long for all of you. For what it worth we arrived home safely at 11.15 pm. Next weekend another three weddings to go and one of them, I hope, is Zaza’s big day. We might meet some of you there and we might not whatever it is Ikin once again our heartiest congratulation to you and Ridzuan and May Allah Bless Both of you always. To all of you as well.

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