Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not On The Train, Mar 26, 2005

I was sitting in a café called Gallery Café at the Balai Seni Lukis Negara with my wife and daughter Fatimah Mardhiyah. We were there waiting for Kak Cik to finish her art class. My eyes were focused outside at the modern sculpture but I was not thinking about anything in particular. I just love watching the rain falling, especially through a clear glass window or door. Somehow, it brought something wonderful in me. Memories of growing up in Kuantan and enjoying a different set of life brought about by the rain. I still remember during the monsoon season when we were living at Bukit Galing Camp. The heavy downpour was too much to bear for most of us just to stand there and stare. We had to be part of the rain somehow. Despite our parents yelling at us not to play in the rain there we were on the field in front of our house enjoying the water. I enjoyed it so much then and now understand why certain heavy rain triggers my memory. The deep excitement was the trigger I set for myself. Sometimes during a monsoon season the rain would stop for a while before the pour continue. This rain ‘intermission’ was something we anxiously waiting for. For within that precious few minutes we would come out like we were attending a fancy dress party or parade. There we were in jackets, pullovers, several layers of shirts or t-shirts, and few creative fellows in sarong and army boots. Of course I turned out in full regalia for my puppy love, Yah. We used to sit in front of her house chit chatting and teasing each other. How sweet and innocent we were. I guess my dear wife saw me smiling while writing this.

If you observe carefully there are a lot of different things the rain brings about. I do not mean just the wet. Everything else change after the rain, the earth became fresh and cooling that bring about certain inviting pleasantness. All the trees and grass perk up with life. Depending on the time of the day you just see life emerge after the rain. Even us the human species turn out fresher and better after the rain. When I was in the boarding school rain meant a very good night sleep especially on weekends. It also, just like when I was in Kuantan, an invitation to fashion show. For some reasons all of us would turn out for prep in jackets, suits, sweaters, and even winter coats as if blizzard just came to Malaysia. I mean complete with mufflers, or as they say in the US scarf, and hats. For a few years I was in full army commando ‘celoreng’, courtesy of my father. The following year when I was a senior, form four, I moved up to sweater and blue denim jacket. Also, at the time I was the only guy in school that owned and wore a complete 50’s attire. My dad’s old outfit showcased and made to be a fashion again by his son. When I think about it now I must say we must be a very confuse lots…LOL.

What ever it is contrary to what other people think about the rain. I love it as it brings a lot of nice memories.

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