Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On The Plane, June 5-12, 2005

Another kangaroo trip for me and this time in Europe. One week in Europe is enough for me where the last leg was a bit unbearable for my body. Although it is consider summer now the weather is still around 13C and the wind and slight rain made it worse. In a week I would have been to London, Amsterdam, The Hague and Berlin in fact I just got in from Berlin and now holding out at Heathrow for my flight home. I got bored waiting and started to write this at the MAS Golden lounge. The trip as a whole has been successful and I should be writing a bit more on it when I get home. I have learned a lot from this trip and a quick lessons learnt.
  1. Europe is expensive
  2. Open space and office concept is a reality and it is all about human and change management
  3. Libraries in corporate environment are getting smaller
  4. Libraries could be very successful if you get the community fully involved
  5. Heathrow and Schipol airports are Muslim friendly facility wise
  6. Berlin is very interesting - new and modern buildings exist with the old nicely
  7. All the cities that I have been are very easy to navigate and the best way to explore them is on foot
  8. Asians and muslims are every where and halal food is easy to find
  9. Learning and knowledge sharing in oragnizations are big

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