Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not on The Train, Sept 12, 2005 – Tg Jara Resorts

I arrived at Tg Jara Resorts from Kuantan at noon yesterday and immediately was introduced to tranquility that I have missed for quite sometimes. The moment I entered my room I knew this is the best place for me to think and write. The Kampong style environment with good facilities came to no surprise when I got to know it is an award wining resorts. After reading about it I now know why my wife really wanted to come here. It will be a week of LDP for me here and I am very sure I am going to enjoy this place. My wife will go berserk if she read this and even though it is a bit pricy one day I am going to take her here for our umpteen honeymoons. In KM terms I consider this place as the best environment for KM type activities especially knowledge sharing through storytelling. My decision not to bring my camera is a big mistake I should have known better despite my wanting to limit the size of my luggage.

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