Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On The Train. Sept 9, 2005

I have had at least four buns while waiting four the train at Bangi station. But still I ordered Big Breakfast at the McD at KL Sentral. Again I chose McD not so much because of the food but I need a coffe and a good place to ‘view. The was what I did, ‘viewing’ people coming up and down from the kommuter station below. I just love watching the ‘happenings’ in front of me. I saw at least the same number of commuters at the station and there isn’t any sign to say that the number has increase yet despite the recent increase in the oil price.

The train was late this morning and the same usual reason was announced, ‘technical problem’. What technical problem I am not sure but I am beginning to think that ‘technical problem’ means just about any problem faced by KTM. They do not have a better reason to give for a late service. I guess the management of KTMB one day just sat for a meeting and decided unanimously to use ‘technical problem’ as the main and only counter measure for delays. ‘ Ok any delay we just say ‘technical problem. Anyone for it say aye! Aye!!! Yelled everyone and it was accepted by everyone. I won’t be surprised if this really been minuted somewhere in their meeting minutes.

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