Thursday, February 5, 2009

On The Train, Feb 3, 2009

After a long leave only today I felt like I am at work. The three days of last week seems like an adjustment period for me.

I was posted with the question of what is the future for KMC again. After a long thorny journey without the possibility of seeing a finishing line we are about to reinvent ourselves once again. I hate to say we are forced to change, for whatever reason, and we need to do it fast. The fact to the matter is we need to constantly evolve. Planning and managing in these days and age are about managing flexibility and adaptability. The fast development in new thinking of certain field of studies, management concept and technology expect us to be agile all the time. What we think it should be would change suddenly. Is that means we are always in a catch-up game? Always late? Not necessary as whatever it is we need a base and then we adjust accordingly.

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