Thursday, February 5, 2009

On The Train, Feb 4, 2009

Not like yesterday I timed my leaving the office to be just nice to board the train home at 1846. The capacity of the train was also just nice – not too crowded.

My observation, I am not sure whether I am too early with my conclusion, is that the waiting line system introduced by KTMB is working. Now, in major stations, the announcer would come on air to announce the arrival of any particular train. Also, the announcer would mention which line to stand and wait. Just now we were asked to stand on red line. Looking at the lines I could guess the type of the train arriving and it stopped precisely at the red line. I hope this would prevail as long as it needs to be. Something that still a long way to go is the behavior or culture of Malaysians. Even with a clear line waiting some of us still cut queue to rush in.

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