Monday, February 16, 2009

On The Train, Feb 10, 2009

I was not a mood to write anything at first as I was feeling a bit uneasy. My mistake was I let the conditions and happenings around me to effect me. I should have ignored everything but the thought kept bugging me.

I took the 1840 train home and due to the heavy rain before a bit congested. I did not rush in when the train arrived and was rewarded with the last empty seat in my favorite section of my favorite carriage. As if taking the cue from the weather outside almost everyone inside the carriage look sullen and almost depress. In fact deep down I was also depressed and felt frustrated. Having Deep Purple’s Sweet Child in Time playing also did not improve the matter for me. So I just sat looking at everything and nothing if you know what I mean. Then Bad English’s When I See You Smile brought a smile to my face. This song triggered a happy moment when I was with my young son during our early difficult days. I could actually describe that moment in detail but stopped myself from doing that.

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