Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Information Entrepreneur / Infopreneur

When I came back from the US in 1987 all I ever wanted to do was to find opportunity to be infopreneur. I came across a book exactly talking about that and I was so excited with the prospect of doing so. However, I did not find anything. Maybe because I had not searched hard enough or maybe I was so inexperience about the business world. In the end forgot about the idea and did something else.

Last week I was invited to be a panel in a dialogue on whether it one major college in Malaysia should introduce MSc in Information Entrepreneur graduate programme. Excited that I was when I received the invitation I kept my excitement under the lid as to avoid delivering a confuse point of views. To me it is no brainer and any time is a good time for the programme. I totally believe it should be offered and we have to look at the entire value chain to make sure it is successful. Further more certain kind awareness should be created down the value chain at diploma and degree level. Any way you look at it there would be potential candidates who would want to enroll in the programme.

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