Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On The Train, Feb 17, 2009

I managed to catch the 2248 train at Bank Negara station after the dinner. Obviously it was almost empty when I boarded and as my experience so far last shift blue collar workforce filled the carriage at KL Sentral and Mid Valley. Three youth, I think just got out of their shift from McD, KFC or similar fast food joints at MidValley, got on the train and loudly conversed among themselves. They obviously behaving like an internet citizen and talking about Mangga characters and Dragon Ball. They just did not care about the others in the carriage. Another youth sat next to me and keep on peeping at what I was doing. I did not mind but that prevent me form typing this piece not wanting to offend him. A Chinese young lady crashed, yes crashed and when you were tired, next to me and started clicking on her handphone chatting with somebody to the extent she almost missed her station Salak Selatan. Then a very tired looking Chinese man swayed in at Bandar Tasek Selatan to sit next to me on my left. Immediately I felt he was swaying left and right indicating he was sleeping. He must have swayed more towards the beautiful Eurasian lady on his right when the lady moved to another empty seat in front of me. An Indian lady directly in front of me just smiled knowingly looking at what had just happened in front of her. I also smiled.

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Connie said...

Should have drive then.. It was late after the dinner..