Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On The Train, Feb 25, 2008

Purposely late again going home today as I now prefer to avoid the crowd if I could. Stress management on my part. Although I would not mind the crowd as I normally got a seat and blank them out by concentrating on my writings but sometimes unnecessary stress situations are created buy many incompetent as well as foolish people. At MidValley two ladies, Caucasian, came on board and stand in front of me. I ignored them until they sat next to me. Remembering I wrote about many nationalities on the train before I was eager to find out where they were from and their reason to be in Malaysia. I unplugged my earphone for awhile and eavesdrop on their conversation. I could not make up the language but I suspect east European. I could only guess that they are here working for one of the multinational and IT companies here. They sure did not look like students and neither are they tourists.

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