Friday, January 30, 2009

On The Train, Jan 29, 2009

My shoulder and rib hurt a bit when I woke up this morning. Must be to do with the way I slept I thought and think nothing of it. But the small pain persisted when I reached the office and when felt my clavicle I thought the broken bones had shifted a bit. Later it got better and I convince I have to be a bit careful. Going home early meant I had to brave a crowded train. Just like yesterday I strategised myself and lucky to get the same seat I got yesterday. Just like yesterday also the carriage was packed at KL Sentral. Since I have my ear plugged with my favourite songs and typing my blog I blanked out everything else around me. This time I was a bit careful not to blank out the station where I was. I did not want to get down at Batang Benar or Nilai like I used to before he he he.

The train was packed even when we reached Kajang indicating we have along distance commuters in the train. My guess a lot of them would get down in UKM, Bangi and Nilai then the remainder Seremban. One day I would put my theory to a test by going down all the way to Seremban.


Rienna Abdullah said... won't be that many when you reach Seremban. anyway, then you will also realise there are quite a number of staff that actually stay in seremban and commute everyday with the, used to be one of them in those early days...waking up at 5..driving to the station at 6...hmm...wasn't that long ago..i think..hehe

Ghaz said...

SO move back to Soromban and you can join me on the train he he he