Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On The Train, Feb 23, 2009

KTMB messed up my Monday morning by being incompetence yet again. This time another ‘technical’ problem somewhere before Labu. I presumed a continuation of what had happened last Friday. What supposed to be a 0651 train became 0711 train and of course the train arrived at Bangi solid packed. I squeezed myself in and continued reading Outliers. Naturally it got worse at UKM station but I stood my ground by not moving an inch from where I stood and I was rewarded at Kajang station when the man seating in front of me disembarked. Although I got a seat I was still annoyed with KTMB. Not wanting to stress myself unnecessarily and not trusting KTMB anymore I went home just after maghrib and it was a bliss going home.

I was busy typing and aware of an Indian guy that came on board and sat next to me at Mid Valley. Ever since he was onboard he kept on looking over at my laptop and what I was typing. I was a bit uneasy but luckily I was typing about Conversation rather than this one. Anyway after a while he asked me about my laptop and we had small talk. I waited until the very end to start this piece. But luck has it he disembarked at Bangi just like me he he he. Thinking back I would have loved if we had a longer conversation. Some people might think or assume that it would impossible to have intelligent conversation with certain types of people. But that was a wrong assumption and attitude. In fact my behaviour on the train could be conceived as someone who’s looking for an opportunity to start a conversation or just plain ‘please I am working do not disturb’. Now thinking about it either way I am ok he he he.

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