Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Train, Oct. 9, 2008

I felt I was back home in Raub when I stepped out into a cold foggy morning this morning. I thought it was just foggy within our housing area but it was the same all the way and at the Bangi station. Suddenly I was nostalgic as well as feeling creepy looking at the surrounding. I took a few shots of the place with my handphone. As if the atmosphere is accompanying the last few pages of The Bourne Sanction’s dark ending that I was finishing.

I finished the book at Bandar Tasek Selatan and debated whether I should boot up my laptop or just stared outside. I tried to close my eyes but I was awake.

It is already 9th Syawal today but I am still have not started on my round.

During Ramadhan the Komuter service had improved a little and I was glad. In fact I praised them but now I realize it was just an illusion. An illusion to the level of David Copperfield. Since I boarded to work after my Eid holiday the services had been horrendous. Today I had to wait until almost 2000 to get a ride home. I am pretty sure by now KTMB if fully equip to go on the road and possibly could make more money doing magic shows.

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Niza said...

Salam Ghaz,
Just dropping a note. Your blog is added in my fav list. Will read through it for sure...

OO Kem Alor Akar.. I've been there to once , to their store section to get a pair of uniform. I wan police cadet when I was in my secondary school. Really into a police life and abah support me by sharing his uniform and boot. I miss Galing camp too..

Planning to go back there for some photo shot this December..