Friday, October 31, 2008

CUTI CUTI ASIA SHENZHEN (HONG KONG) June 19-24, 2008 (Day 4)

June 22, 2008 (Sunday)

The days in Shenzhen became too long for us as we have found out nothing much else to do. I guess if I had hired a van it would be different but then looking at the surrounding we were better off using the train. The night before I asked the rest what should we be doing the next day and I gave three options.

1. Window of the World
2. Splendid China
3. More endless walking and possibly shopping

The first two were close to one another but you have to pay a separate entrance of Yuan 120 each. I figured two costly to do both and the third option was not feasible as everyone trying to save some money for Hong Kong. We decided to go to the Cultural China. Actually I was thinking of The Windows of the World at first as Windows of the World would showcases famous site in the world in miniature form. But I decided I did not wish to see them as we were in China we should look at things Chinese rather then Eiffel Tower and such.

At 0900 we walked out of the hotel to our home station Laojie and took the train to Hua Qiao Cheng. The Splendid China was just next to the station. When we arrived there around 1030 the heat was really prickly and I was sweating like mad. I could see it would be a challenge to walk the whole place but since we were there already we paid for our tickets and entered the place. We walked slowly trying to absorb the place and an early indication of the place tells us that it was a well done place. However the heat was too much for the kids. After walking a bit half of us abandoned the plan to walk everything took a short cut and rest at the performing area to wait. I did not know it then but we actually broke into three groups. Ngah, Sam and Mar raised a white flag, well at least Sam and Ngah. While Tariq and family went the other way. So it was left to Ghazi, Baqir, Kak Cik and I to make sure our entrance fees were worthwhile. We went around the whole area and enjoyed ourselves. What they did with the place was excellent as they showcased most of the culture of the ethnic groups in China. There were their different abodes and way of life. Within that they included live culture shows as well as acting out some of the major history of China like the great horseback battle. It was really a good work out for me but the heat proved to be a problem. We were just as glad and relieve when we finished touring the whole place. Tariq and family chose to board the tram to see the rest of the area and the rest of us sat at the entrance drinking coconut to cool off and waited for them.

At 1436 we walked up the staircase to exit the area.

We took the train back and I decided to stop- at another shopping complex where there was another Jusco. Again, mainly to buy some foodstuff for the night and the next day. But of course we ended up buying other things as well. One of the things that we found out when you shop in Shenzhen is that they do not provide you with a plastic bag or such for the things that you bought. That was the reason why we saw most Chinese with bags and trolley when we went out shopping. So at the Jusco we had to pay for our plastic bags. To save a little bit we just put everything in our knapsacks. Ngah bought a shoe without a plastics bag meant she would have to carry the box just like that. So she took out the shoe put in a bag and threw away the box. I could survive on bread alone as I was used to it but I did not know how long more the rest of my family could last without rice.

We were home at the hotel on time for our prayers and stayed in the rest of the night because everyone was preparing to explore Hong Kong the next day.

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