Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blogging Live On The Train, Oct 24, 2008

I forgot that today is the Friday of the Deepavali three day weekend. The train as usual was late and almost solid pack when it arrived at Bank Negara station. As expected it is worse now at KL Sentral. Remember the embarking and disembarking queues I talked about recently there were barely existed just now when I looked out ha ha ha. So I guess I would be walking home from the Bangi train station today as I would be definitely late now. Well at least I would get to exercise. It is a mad house now at Mid Valley as people pushing in trying to get in. I could hear, despite my ears plugged in with music from my iPod, a lady voice yelling everyone to move in so that they can get on. Immediately the crowd inside yell back protesting as obviously there is no more room even for a child inside. With all the commotion made worse by a child crying I concentrated on the song whre Ebiet G Ade is on.

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