Monday, October 13, 2008

On The Train, Oct. 10, 2008

Two things close to my heart were reported in the Malay Mail today. One is, yet again, on KTMB and second on the match fixing international football. Both really were not news to me or most of us but extend and severity of them that made me sad.

Since I am on the train almost everyday the first news was something that I am living with everyday. The service was really a disservice most of the time. I thought after the nice experience during the first few weeks of Ramadan things were improving but I was brought back to the ground by the incidences since then. I honestly believe now KTMB do not have the capacity to improve at all. They could put the blame on anybody or everybody but the fact is their service is stink. I deduce that there are only two types of commuters on the train with me everyday. The first are those who do not have any choice and second those who really love the train no matter what. Probably now I am in between.

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