Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cuti Cuti Malaysia : Kuala Rompin, Feb 7-9, 2008

The week approaching the CNY was a little bit frustrating for me work wise. A lot of things seemed to be going wrong and near sleepless nights were the normal occurrence for me. But I have to have brave face and smile even more as days passed by. That’s I guess the requirement of the job. I did not think of going anywhere as I just planned to slouch at home but as the CNY week inched closer I realized I needed to get out of town. I just need to get out of town. Another frantic searching for places, nothing new there, and with four-day CNY weekend getting a decent place was really a tall order. I had three options really;

1. To resurrect the abandoned trip around Johor, or
2. Go camping somewhere, or
3. Try Kuala Rompin, as it is the only place that we have not explored enough.

I went for the third option first as I have always the other two to fall back to if I failed. But after searching carefully I was lucky to get two chalets at Rompin Beach Resort. Judging from their website it looked enticing and decent enough for us. I was not sure of the size of each chalet but we invited others to join us anyway. In the end Tariq and family confirmed they were going with us and with them of course Imah.

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