Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy Weekend, Oct 25-27, 2008

It was a very busy three-day weekend for me. Open houses, wedding, and whatever left of our Syawal celebration. However three things that I want to write about.

After at least five months I have decided to seriously rekindle my love for cycling. I said seriously because it was like chipsmore biscuit since the last few months. This time my health was the main factor to my conviction to be consistent. Incidentally, a group of my ex-school buddies planned an outing of slow and easy ride in Putrajya on Sunday which was good start for me. So as early as 0715 I was already at the Putrajaya boulevard waiting for the group to arrive. Yeah, I was that eager. I had all my gears ready when the only lady rider in the group arrived followed by Abedib, Saifuddin, Nadim, Dr Azmi and the rest of the gang. Half of the group was Dr Azmi’s friend and they were doctors. So we joked that we had doctors at hand if anything happen to any of us. Of course I was teased for riding a dusty Trek . After the ceremonial photo taking we set off with Saifuddin as the lead. He took us along the lake and slowly we moved towards the PICC. It was a fun enjoyable ride at first but slowly I felt I need to test my fitness level and as soon as we neared the PICC Bridge I stepped up and sped off towards the PICC. The climbing was not that hard but I knew I would be panting if it was the Bukit Mahkota climb. Still it was a good workout. As I reached the top I looked behind and only Nadim, Shaifuddin and Dr Azmi in sight. I told Nadim I had to go off first as my family will be coming that night and I need to do few things. With that I screamed down with Shaifuddin in pursuit behind me. Shaifuddin stopped at the bridge to wait for others but I sped towards the Putra mosque. I was panting half way through there and not wanting to break anything I eased a bit and maintain a decent speed. When I got to the Putra mosque I straight away put my bike inside the Ranger and waited for somebody to arrive so that I could go off. I knew they would be going for our ceremonial the tarik after the ride so I thank Abedib and those arrived after him and left the place. So next week it will be the Wetland for us. I could not wait. Maybe I’ll just cycle there.

Shaifuddin and Abedib talking bicycle

Shaifuddin and his RM20K Ducati

Nadim ready to roll

The second main event for me was that night my family was coming to visit which mean a feast was on the card. Coincidentally ‘the would be’ chef in the house was planning a do for his friends so I told him to prepare a feast for 30 people. It was one of the memorable nights for me as everyone was having a good time. The family started to arrive as early as 2000. Soon our house was buzzing with all sorts of activities as people started to eat and talk to one another. The chef assistant was super busy at the grill. My only regret for the night was I bought a token of a lamb that I thought not many people would like. How wrong I was. If I’d bought a whole lamb also would not be enough that night. The second lesson learned for the night was my own realization as to the reason why it was so difficult for me to renovate the house. I knew then that the garden was perfect for night family barbecue.

The third and the last over the weekend was the PT Majlis Makan Malam Ramah Mesra. This year the event was organized by Jln 3/1, 3/2 and 3/8 and it was at the corner of Jalan 3/8. As instructed I arrived with a full suit of baju melayu. Comparatively the number of people turned up this year was less and it was understandable due to the last weekend of Syawal and Deepavali.

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