Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crazy, maybe obsess, about books? Wednesday, Oct 22, 2008

I came to know about the MPH Warehouse Booksales through the advertisement in the newspaper. I knew, no I think the correct word is wanted, yes I wanted to straight away go there on the opening day. I was a bit pissed off with myself for not, after browsing four bookstores, buying any book when I was in Singapore last week. As if I had to make amend my friend was good enough to drop me at the MPH warehouse after our meeting in PJ. Without missing a beat I grabbed a basket and started to browse and pick whatever books I like. Not more than half an hour I was there it was announced that the place would be closed at 1900. I thought it was suppose to be closed at 1930. Cursing, at nothing in particular, I hurried on browsing and waited to the very last minute to pay. In the end I paid RM150 for 8 books and was sure I would be there again this weekend with my family.

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