Friday, October 17, 2008

On The KTM Komuter, ERL KLIA Express and Plane, Oct 15, 2008

I dragged out my luggage, kissed my wife and walked to the station as usual. This morning I bought a one way ticket to KL Sentral because I wanted to checkin straight away before going to the office. The train as usual was late and I was not bothered anymore. We arrived at KL Sentral around 0730 and straight away I went to the TAM machine to withdraw some cash and since the money changer was just next to the ATM I bought a few Sing dollars. Checking in at KL Sentral was easy I have done a couple of times before but what surprised me was that a lady working for the ERL stopped me to ask whether I have a ERL ticket already. I said why as I would not be boarding until later as my flight was as 1500. She said the KL Sentral checkin counters were meant for ERL customers. Yes! and I had to buy the ERL ticket first before I could approach the counter. Since I do not wish to argue with anybody that early in the morning I just turned back to buy the ticket.

At 1255 I boarded the ERL KLIA Express and managed to get the platform seat . In front on isle on the other side sat a lady ready a book. I did not get the title on the book she was reading but I presumed it was funny as the lady was smiling reading it. It was not about the lady or the book but it was about smiling the book that sometimes I do myself and I always wonder what other think when they see me doing that. Now at least I now how I would feel as I felt happy, a warm feeling happy, and glad looking at the situation. The train departed from KL Sentral at 1300 sharp and arrived at KLIA 28 minutes later. After buying few things that I needed I straight away went into the departure hall. Since it was my first time using Gate G I did not know where the MAS Golden Launch was. I was told it was the MAS Regional Golden Lounge and I was not disappointed when I was there. The atmosphere is good, comparatively the food was better than the other Lounges that I have used. Particularly I loved the hot Herbal noodles soup there.

40 minutes to flight time I unplugged myself form the lounge and walked down to the boarding Gate G6. Jas was already there. I can’t remember whether I have had taken a flight down to Singapore in the evening but I am very sure that I have never been on one that had taken the flight path along the coast of Strait of Melaka. The sky was decently clear half of the journey and I managed to view the coast of PD, Melaka, and Johor from another angle and perspective. Once I saw PD after take off my view was fixed downward and since I have been taking the land route so many times I could identify the building and places immediately and so well. I was hooked and had a ‘feeling good’ feeling through out the flight. I would have followed the whole land route down to JB had not for a bit of raining just after Muar. As I said, it could nothing to anyone, it was a fantastic feeling.

About 1700 we were already walking inside the Changi terminal towards the immigration counters and subsequently checkin into our hotel 45 minutes after that.

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