Sunday, September 7, 2008

On The Train, Sept 4 (4th Ramadhan), 2008

I have not written anything since the first day of Ramadhan primarily because I am reading and eager to finish Paul Theruox’s Ghost Train to Western Star. For a Paul Theroux this book is quite a thick book.

Surprisingly since the first day of Ramadhan I have been going home with a normal capacity train. Everyday the 1820 train at Bank Negara station was punctual as well as there were enough empty seats for most of us boarding. I got home on time for my iftar as well. I have two conclusions for this situation. One, most commuters really rush home very early and second most of the commuters drive to work during Ramadhan, obviously hard lesson learned last year. The weather for the past few days also has been cloudy and cool making my ride home a pleasant journey. It creates a cozy environment for me to continue reading. But today I had to force myself to open my laptop.

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