Sunday, September 7, 2008

On The Train, Sept 5, 2008

Today is different in terms of crowds. The weekend commuters are as many as the normal day but I was lucky to get a seat at KL Sentral. Actually when I looked at the people inside the train when I boarded I was really sure I would get a seat at KL Sentral so much so I invited others to take the vacated seats when we were at KL Station. I was right, lucky for me, as at KL Sentral a man sitting in front of me disembarked.

The evening weather was still wet and again I felt so cozy reading. I felt like sitting in my house and imagined if I could pull up my blanket. Just like yesterday I decided to stop reading after one chapter and opened my laptop. Unfortunately I did not have something interesting to write so I continued writing our Shenzhen holidays

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