Saturday, September 27, 2008

On The Train (KTMB has brain now), Sept. 26, 2008

I am glad now at least KTMB is ‘considerate’ to the need of it’s customers I hope it will improve further not juts because of this fasting month. Just like before anticipating many commuters ‘balik kampung’ they added short run trains from Sentul to Seremban just like today. I timed myself as usual but I missed my train by two minutes today and I was puzzled at first but I remembered that I had to help somebody in the office and was held back for few minutes. At the station was Mazri waiting for his wife and he told me that I had just missed the train.

It would be the last weekend before the Eid celebration and most people are going home already which means I am expecting a very empty train next Monday

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