Friday, September 19, 2008

On The Train, Sept. 12, 2008

As usual while on the way to work boarded at Bangi station several Indonesian school children. There is this group of four, I think, 8 year old that was normally a bit chatty as any normal kids would be. When they boarded I was as usual reading and about to finish the final page of a chapter and ready to take a nap. As we about to reach Kajang they decided to sit on the floor and so they were all the five of team sitting on the floor inches form my feet. I closed my eyes but I could not help hearing what they were talking about. At time I just smiled with my eyes closed. Then at Kajang the guy sitting next to me disembarked and all of them in one movement jumped trying to beat each other for the seat. A compromised was made for two of them to sit. However what happened next was really funny to me. One of them decided to do her unfinished homework and suddenly all of them started to take out the exercise books to do the same. What amazing was the clever one that was sitting next to me started to dictate the maths answers to the rest and of course they were happily copying. By that time I could not go to sleep anymore.

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