Friday, September 26, 2008

On The Train (KTMB is getting smarter?), Sept. 19, 2008

I was hoping to get home a bit earlier but as soon as I was at the platform came out the announcement through the PA system telling us once again KTMB was very sorry that due to the cancellation of one Rawang train the train to Seremban would be delayed by 40 minutes. Luckily I remembered that I was fasting. With that I found a seat and booted up my laptop. Reading was not an option as I was not a mood.

While I was typing suddenly it was announced that the Seremban train will be arriving form Putra station in 3 minutes. I was caught of guard as it could not be that fast from Kuang. When the train arrived it was empty and I knew straight away that KTMB was being customer sensitive and proactive. I knew they have taken one Klang train out from Sentul and sent it down the Seremban line. Good for KTMB they are using their heads now.

Even with the empty train it was almost ripped at the seam when we were at KL Sentral. Fasting or not people were yelling and inconsiderate. Just imagine if it was not an empty train. Riot!

My assumption became a sure thing when we reached Bangi station the dirver announced that the train will terminate at Bangi and returning back to Rawang. Lucky for me they chose Bangi as the point which was actually logical.

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