Friday, September 12, 2008

On The Train, Sept. 11, 2008

I just hate it when some people are so kiasu. On the train today due to the usual KTMB disservice the train was packed and late. As usual when I boarded I placed myself strategically and managed to get a seat at KL Sentral. But before that there was this one lady that was so kiasu that rushed our from behind my back to grab a seat in front of my. Man! there were several seats there does she have to push everyone away for that seat.

The train waited at every station along the way and making me very late for home. We left Kajang at 1931 way past time for Iftar already. But it is no use getting heartache because of KTMB anymore it was not worth it and furthermore I was fasting. IN the end we got the Bangi the driver announced that the train was not going any further and turning back the rest if the commuters going ahead had to disembark and wait for another train behind us. At least I was at home base already and if it was at Kajang then fasting or no I would be cursing KTMB all the same.

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