Saturday, August 30, 2008

On The Train, Aug 29, 2008

I was expecting a pack train and it was but I was surprise there was one seat remain to be ‘grabbed’ but ignored by most. I began to suspect ‘foul play’ but after a while I just sat down and opened my laptop. My plan was go home and do some grocery shopping and bowl at Alamanda but when I waited for the train I was not sure if I would be able to reach home in decent time. Nevertheless I have my hope intact. It was also the last night of the MIFC’s firework display at Putrajaya and I knew would not be able to make it. Not like last year where I went to most of them. Not expecting to see the extra ordinary I sort of skip this year competition.

The train ‘waited’ at KL Station for a while and I knew it was because of the congestion at KL Sentral. As we moved further the train kept on picking more people at each station and it remained as a sardine can. Just now the PM gave his budget speech and the whole nation was expecting several good news but to me just get this train mess in order once and for all. I hope enough measures and budget were put in place for us. We have suffered long enough. In my case, despite my love connection with trains, five years of torture.

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