Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On The Train, Dec. 11, 2007

The reality of going home with still daylight is you have to be contented with a packed train. Today was no different. Not only the train was late but also there were a lot of commuters waiting on the platform already when I got there. As a strategic move to get a seat I moved to the middle of the train and waited for someone to get down at KL Station. In fact the whole four persons sitting in a cube next to where I was standing disembarked.


lanUjang said...

encik sekolah kebangsaan galing, duduk ulu kinta then bukit galing camp. kita serupa up to that point. u pegi sdar tapi i pergi saskl. dan saya, 6 tahun lebih muda.

siapa bapak encik ya? boleh tau no polis nya. kalau2 bapak saya kenal.

ulu kinta (tak ingat-73)
galing camp (73-95)
skg (75-80)

Ghaz said...
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Ghaz said...

Sorry la Lan baru ternampak ni dan tak ingat dah jawab soalan ke belum? Arwah Abah Mohad Fadzil Mohd Nasib dulu KPL26764