Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On The Train, Dec 7, 2007

Another challenging day in the office for me. All I can say is if you are honest with your works Allah will always be with you.

Late again, but not as late as yesterday, and I managed to catch the 2212 train home. At least I could forget everything about work for two days. The next two days would be for my family. I have no specific plan but I would like to do something crazy.

The commuters really became sardines when we arrived at Mid Valley station. Complete with a group of young salespersons in green t-shirt. As I was typing about our recent camping trip I overheard a foreign language being spoken next to me. Without looking I knew it was Thais spoken by two ladies. My guess, both of them Thais from southern region as their dialect was spoken a bit fast and not soft and sweet. Well, I could only guess.

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