Friday, December 7, 2007

On The Train, Dec 3, 2007

I just wanted to ignore that it was already Dec when I was typing this but I knew I would not be successful or even useless. What’s the point as I boarded the train in the morning it was devoid of the school children and going home it was packed. It is a normal occurrence now that the train is still full with commuters up to UKM station.

When we were just going out of Kajang station I saw an Indian woman was actually standing holding the vertical holding bar with her forehead leaning against it. She looked like she was praying and thinking very deep or maybe trying to catch few winks in a standing position. Or maybe she was reflecting on something as in KM what seems to be doing nothing is an option. The mind will start to relax and reflect. It would have been great if I could witness it till Seremban but my stop came as if suddenly giving me no opportunity to have some fun. I tried to do that once but I failed miserably.

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