Friday, December 7, 2007

On The Train (Old Friends), Dec. 4, 2007

I was dressed for a dinner invitation but in the end could not go as I had a lot to deal with at the office. I came down late to the station but I did not have to wait long for the train. Expecting the train to be a bit empty I complaint silently when I saw the train arrived with almost full capacity. I got a seat though but not my favourite. I opened up my laptop anyway and started to type my first family camping escapade.

Looking around the coach trying to find something interesting to write I realized a person in front of me was looking at what I was doing. Looking at the face it was sort of a confuse one that trying very hard to read me. There I was seating in suit in a train engrossed typing away that seems to be interesting. When I panned my sight to further left I saw Bob, a Sdara that I knew, sitting looking tired. I knew he must have just got on at KL Sentral from our monthly TT Session there. Because of the crowd I could not call him until we were at UKM station. He came over and sat next to me to have a short chat before I got down at Bangi. I met a lot of my old and new friends this way. Let’s have a lot of friends as it can only be good to me. At least I expand my social network.

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