Thursday, January 3, 2008

On The Train, Jan 3, 2008

I do not know whether someone is waiting for me to write something about the New Year but I know someone is waiting for me to post something. The truth is I do no celebrate the New Year as to me it is just another day and another 12 months for another year to end. I always have my target, not resolution, for the New Year and more or less the same. Did I achieve my target for 2007? Yes, I did. I would not elaborate more on this.

A week past since we came back from our vacation and getting back to the working tempo is quite challenging for me. At least this year I did not forget my password :). Probably that is an indication that I have not enjoyed my holiday that much :). I hope my family enjoyed it.

I have not been posting for quite awhile now but that does not mean I have not been writing. I have and the only problem is I writing about a couple of things at one time.

1. Treasure Hunt 2007,
2. Our Camping trip to Sg Congkak,
3. Weekend trip to Kuala Selangor,
4. Weekend trip to Singapore (We took the train), and
5. Cuti Cuti Malaysia – Sarawak.

So when I am done be prepared for the onslaught. LOL.

Third day into the New Year I am already working late. The 2030 train ride home was pleasant. I was sitting typing this when three Sabahan joined me sitting around me. Listening to them talking in their lingo brought back the memory of Kuching and a pleasant music to my ears while I am concentrating on my piece, maybe pieces.

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