Friday, November 6, 2009

On The Train, Nov 4, 2009

The school of the bridge collapse incident in Kampar was reported to make a statement saying based on the forms signed by the parents that they were not responsible. Naturally the parents think otherwise and, if not the whole Malaysia at list the majority, think so to. The story from the parent side could be very obvious but what about the school and the organizer? Are they the right party to shoulder the blame or to be blamed? I had learnt recently that our brain is designed to be positive but somehow habitually we are always negative. A lot will argue though how one can be positive in facing such tragedy? Tough no doubt. One thing we have to recognize is that we are dealing with what any schools suppose to achieve. Education – educating all of us to behave the right way and be responsible. Greed most of the time override every thing. The thing that I am very sure of is that we are still looking at things using the old lenses. Our visions are blurred to the extent that we do not know what’s in front of us really.

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