Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On The Train, Nov 2, 2009

Two more months to go and it would be 2010. As much cliché as it can be it has been a high speed chase for me that left me wondering aloud today where had the year gone and what have I done? Nevertheless it is going to be another two months of high speed finish for me.

It is raining almost daily now dampening the spirit a little bit. My colleague mentioned to me that KTMB was going to start a short run at the interval of 15 minutes between Sg Buloh and Kajang as well as KL Sentral and Shah Alam. Just yesterday I shared my thoughts with my wife suggesting to nobody in particular that KTMB should start a short run between Serdang and KL Sentral as I could see a lot of potential there. With the new information from my colleague I obviously had to ask the question using what? There aren’t any additional carriages being brought in. How do we expect KTMB to service this new proposed run? All of us know that isn’t enough carriages is the reason of the bad service in the first place.

The plan for KL Sentral – Padang Besar – KL Sentral -JB – Tumpat – KL Sentral in four days is still on and doable. Anybody interested to join me?

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