Friday, November 13, 2009

On The Train (Non Verbal Knowledge Sharing), Nov 9, 2009

While sitting in the office watching the rain out of my windows I realized something that has been my second nature. I started to do a quick research on the subject and discovered that there is actually quite a body of research on the subject. It is as much as part of conversation as well as knowledge sharing. The first being on of the methods or process and the later the discipline itself. The non-verbal knowledge sharing that I have in mind is even more complex as it does not include the use of any tool or technology. It is more of a gesture and one’s conducts as a person. Through out my existence due to the environment that I grew up I became very good at this. The only problem for me is that not many people realized or understood my intentions despite most of them are good ones. For example I would expect my children to learn and receive the knowledge that I am imparting by merely looking at what I am doing or not doing. Making it more difficult most of my behaviors are not obvious and I do not care to explain carefully as, again, I expected or assumed them to understand me. Well after being close to me for 20 years they should be. Although I have my point it is still difficult for them. The worst I have my ego in the equation. Looking at academically it is still a form of knowledge sharing methodology albeit a complex one. In my case I could slowly see the result and it took us almost 20 years. Sometimes it is just an intrinsic understanding of my intention that wins the day. The easiest way out though is just to take everything at face value without giving certain actions or behaviors much thought. Serve me right for getting people angry at me because they could not decipher my non-verbal knowledge transfer. Still, I believe it is a necessary part of life especially in educating my children.

In any organization I believe this non verbal knowledge sharing and transfer also a reality that needed to be understood and leveraged. Asian culture dictates for us to do less talking and more about doing and following.

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