Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On The Train, May 22, 2009

Today we were discussing about collection building and strategic insights. The first one being having direct implication to our responsibility whereas the second although has direct impact but own by somebody else.

The thinking behind collection building as we know it would mean to identify certain parameters to determine our gaps and requirements. Without going into so much details the new perspectives of today is to make sure we are covering new tools and channels like Facebook, Blogs, Wiki, Webinar, Podcast and the like. Also comprehensiveness today could mean never to physically own a single physical content or any content. The idea of having a distributed collection is a possible reality. Thus we need to have a new paradigm in our thinking process. This brings me to the topic of strategic insights which many thoughts to be conveyed, presented and thought out comprehensively. In this challenged environment comprehensiveness in strategic planning is a misgiving conclusion as well as something that is not possible. How can you deem your plan to be comprehensive with the parameters around it that are fluid and dynamic? Also, too much control and always demanding for ROI would make it worse.

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