Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On The Train, May 5, 2009

I heard the breaking announcement and tried to decipher the meaning but I thought I heard she said the next train is going to Seremban and will be stopping at KL Station, KL Sentral and I thought I heard she mentioned all the stations on Seremban line. That was odd I thought but imagine my surprise when a normal engine train stopped in front f me pulling three normal carriages. I immediately thought this was what the announcement all about Somebody’ who was waiting ahead of me asked the driver and from the way he answered this was our Seremban train. Straight away my thought went to yesterday’s incident and concluded this is KTMB poor replacement of that train. Well at least they are making an effort.

So I stepped onto a hot metal container KTMB called a carriage. I tried to walk down to another carriage but was told it was hot as well so I did not bother and sat myself down to type this piece. When we about to reach KL Sentral an attendant came by to ask where I was going and when I said Bangi he advised me that the last carriage has it’s air conditioner working. I thanked him but did bother to move. I had been in worse so another one won’t matter.

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