Friday, May 22, 2009

On The Train, May 21, 2009

I was trying to book MAS plane tickets online today but was disturbed by the rule set by MAS to limit online booking to only four persons. I knew the reason of doing this but they should also know that average Malaysian family either would be more than four or culturally would like to travel in group of more than four. By limiting the number posed a problem for me not only I had to do the booking twice but I have to do it in such a way all of us would get on the same flight. Knowing this I decided to drop by at their ticketing office at KL Sentral. When I approached the counter and mentioned my intention to the ticket clerk I was advised politely that the price would be different. Not that surprise but I questioned their objective and modus operandi of having their online booking. In that sense Airasia is helpful as they limit is bigger. I was tempted to state the fact to the lady but I just did not bother so I left them. The morality of all these is that in trying to introduce control MAS forgot about the basic essence of family structure within our culture and consequently failed their customers. Unless that is their target audience for this is not someone who has a family value like me.

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Berisman said...

One of the reasons of business faulires was due lack of undertsanding the customers!MAS is gold in name only.