Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On The Train, May 4, 2009

The 1820 train going home came on time. It was the old train that the seating I like. So with the seat I gotten at KL Station I went into my usual mode. Everything was fine until we were at Kajang station when the train suddenly died and I knew what’s going to happen next. However the driver tried to delay the obvious and after couple of minutes came the dreaded announcement. ‘Kami memohn maafa kearna keretapi ini telah mengalami kerosakan dan tidak akan meneruskan perjalan ke Seremban. Penumpang-penumpang diminta ke platform 3 menaiki keretapi yang akan tiba sebenar lagi.’ What else is new?

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Berisman said...

Yes, what else is new? Business as usual...
Change for the better in the near future?I don't believe it if there is not a plan to change and no one has been identified and assigned the job to lead and manage the change.
O sera,sera...whatever will be will be..