Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On The Train, May19, 2009

For whatever reason today I was drained, physically and mentally. There I was sitting in the office late in the evening mentally tired waiting for my laptop to shutdown so that I could go home. Although quantity wise I did not do much but my brain was working overtime. When I boarded the train it was almost empty and I just let loose until I decided to type this.

The train was almost to the full capacity when we were at KL Sentral. Boarded was a group on an Indian youth along with their natural instinct wanting to have fun. But they over did it my putting the handphone speaker on to play their music. Since my ears were plugged I did not mind and enjoying my own music but it could be annoying to others in the train. They got down at Serdang and immediately the train was quiet and everyone was in their own thoughts or tired demeanors. If I had the ability to read minds I could hear all sorts of troubled mind waves crisscrossing in the train. The lady on my left was worried about her event. She keep on looking, thinking and texting to somebody, I guess, about the event. The lady on my right had her mind in never neverland as she was slepping most of the time. A man in front of me was thinking what the hell I was typing he he he. My mind was actually still in a thinking mode rushing from one thought to another. But deep in my mind was the thought of pushing the KM agenda further.

It was at Kajang station when I looked up and out that I saw the evening yellow sunset. My stare was too long and fixed that the girl in front of me thought I was staring at her. The wonder of Allah, thing so simple can be so beautiful. It took away some of the stress.

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