Friday, March 27, 2009

On The Train, Mar 26, 2009

Since I was not going to cycle I left the office a bit late to avoid the crowd. My timing was perfect when I walked down on the platform slightly after 19000 the train arrived. Once seated inside I booted up my laptop and started blogging. It was decent commuters today where most were the usual characters save for one or two. So we did our own things. Some would either have their ears plugged, fingers moving like mad texting, reading or just seating shivering like the young lady sitting next to me on my left. Yes it was a bit cold tonight and just imagine how it was in the morning. The glass panes were actually frosted this morning he he he. Well all the glass panes were misty creating a Siberia inside the coach he he he. Even a Mat Salleh would be shocked.

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