Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On The Train (The Accident), Mar 2, 2009

I am humbled by HIS blessing for protecting my son from the worst, and my wife and I from further agony of living in sadness. I would have not been able to play or hear ‘When I See You Smile’ ever again. From their description of the accident and pure logic I could not believe it that all the three of them came out of it with only minor injuries. If you looked at the car, I did not and I do not have to, you would even be more amazed. Whatever it is they were lucky and I told them so. I sincerely hope that they think hard to appreciate and look at life differently now. This is one greatest lesson that they have an opportunity to learn from either spiritually, mentally and physically. It is so easy to forget and being complacent again. The trauma would linger on for sometimes.

For a father to have received the news that his son was involved in an accident at 4.00 am I was calmed and collected. My doctor would have approved. Natural or not I had to be as my family was depending on me to be so. Now everyone needs to heal from the shock and trauma. We have to heal together.

I took them to Jln THS Lee police station at 1000 to submit their reports that Sunday morning. Being there and looking from the other side, that I was so familiar with, I was reminded of my younger days living in police quarters. It was the same scene all over again only now I was sitting listening the report being narrated from the victim side of the table.

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