Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On The Train, Mar 23, 2009

A colleague of mine asked recently what makes me want to blog. I can understand the question perfectly as to some people it is not comprehensible to think that someone would want to write something almost personal and publish it to the whole world. Yes, why do I blog then?

Primarily I like to observe and write about human behaviour. If you are observance enough you could see a lot of things and I find how people react to certain thing so interesting. Further more I love to write as just like teaching the more I write to more I understand things. Somebody today remarked that when he writes his thought it brings structure to his thinking and understanding. Which I totally agree. However, I do know the limitation of writing that I could not possibly write down all that I know. Today I have also decided to consolidate my writings further by moving all my cycling related writings to another blogsite. Probably I’ll just revamp the one on cycling that I already have. Just watch this space for new updates.

The 1800 train was solid packed again today but most were subdued which told me the majority of people on the train were the usual commuters. A lady who was standing in front of me got to sit next to me after the guy disembarked at MidValley. She was at the last two chapters of her novel. A guy down to the left of my row was talking loudly to his handphone. Well, not really loud but loud enough for all of to hear his conversation. Just after Serdang the lady with the book decided not to finish it and put the book inside her knapsack.

Another thing that I observed today was that there are three types of sleepers on this train. The first type is those that sleep in the morning on the way to work. Second those that sleep on the way home and the third type those that would sleep both ways. They must have their own reason and I could only guess.

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