Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On The Train, Mar 19, 2009

It got even worse today. The pathetic KTMB for whatever their short brain think was best decided to take out one of the service run from the schedule making everything else late by 40 minutes. Not only a lot of people left stranded on the platform the commuters inside were suffering cramped. Naturally as the train stopped at the next stations people would want to squeeze in to go home. Tempers flared followed by shouting of angry hot bodies. Who could blame tem to react in such a way? Only KTMB would do so. Yes, I am being very critical now as I have suffered long enough with no chance of things getting better. Year in and year out KTMB ditched out the same reasons and excuses, never seems to be offering solutions. Have all the complaints gone to deaf ears? Or are they all playing deaf? My guts feel say some, if not all, of the complaints and reports are bottlenecked somewhere as if trying to save somebody’s ass. There were promises and certain actions taken but our happiness is always shortchanged not long after that.

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