Sunday, July 20, 2008

On The Train, (Pickpockets) July 18, 2008

Going home early on a Friday evening is a gamble on my part as the train would be solid pack. I was lucky I got a seat at KL Sentral and opened up my laptop to continue with my travelogue. I ignore the rest until just out of Salak Selatan I heard a Chine voice in front of me in English pleading ‘Who ever took my wallet, please return it back. I do not care about the money just return my wallet.’ He repeated by saying, ‘I really do not care about the fucking money and return the wallet.’ I felt sorry fro him and the same thing happened to one of my foreign consultants when he boarded at Mid Valley. The guy kept on pleading even in Malay. ‘ Tolong pulang kan dompet saya.’

More people pushed in when we got to Bandar Tasek Selatan. Hot temper naturally unavoidable and I heard one middle age, I guess, Chinese lady complain to the people inside the train to make room for her as she had been standing and missing four trains already. ‘Kita pun nak balik juga’ she said. ‘Awak orang muda masuk sikit la boleh berdiri.’ I realized then since the petrol price hike more people are on the train. In the morning I would be lucky to get a seat and if I were to go home early than the usual I had to strategise to get a seat.

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