Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On The Train, July 28, 2008

Another week had gone and another week of my life. The sad thing is I am not sure whether I have been useful to the human race or not. This week I hope things would be better as a lot of things did not happen in my favour last week and I am solely to be blamed. Work wise I was less productive, with my daughters away the house was a bit too quite, my sleep had been unpleasant and I played my worst bowling.

So today I was hoping for a good start to a week and so far it was just a bit better than last week. To ensure the ride home was pleasant I left the office just after Maghrib and boarded the train that was announced supposedly to be 20 minutes late. I got to sit immediately and occupied myself straight away with this.

As we left Kajang I looked outside looking at nothing in particular and after few minutes staring at nothingness I realized I was both looking outside and inside.. Due to the bright lights outside and inside the train both the reflection inside and the scene outside became one. As the lights outside diminished the reflection became stronger and clearer. So I am looking inside from the outside, it seems. That's the irony of life, something that I should have known and the ability that I should be acquiring. At least the train has been useful.

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