Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On The Train, July 15, 2008

I heard his loud voice when I was halfway on the platform. He was and Indian chap talking loudly to a Malay guy sitting next to him. I knew the Malay guy was just being polite and the Indian chap was preaching something incoherently. I guessed either he was loose in the head or drunk. The preaching went on until the Port Klang train arrived and the Malay guy boarded. He was quite for awhile. As usual my train went missing from the schedule yet again and my supposedly ten minutes wait became half an hour and eventually 45 minutes. While agonizingly waiting for the inevitable a young unexpecting Chinese chap walked by and sat next to the Indian chap and off he went preaching again. In the middle of his preaching he said something that almost made me jump laughing. In trying to convince the Chinese guy he said ‘I may drink but I am not a drunkard.’ ‘What! You are not drunk?’ I wanted to say loudly but I knew not to encourage or provoke him.

Already solid packed at KL Sentral the train became a sardine can that we decided not to buy yesterday.

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