Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On The Train (ICA Congress), July 22, 2008

After the recent WCIT 2008 the ICA Congress is the second biggest international congress that I attended this year. If the first day was an indication, it is going to be another success for Malaysia. The reason I am attending the congress is to equip me with the latest knowledge in Archiving. We have a very challenging task transforming our archive and I need all the lessons that I could possibly get at a speed. In the morning was the opening ceremony by the minister and the first concurrent session was at 1430. It was a smart arrangement by the organizer where after the ceremony we had a good long quality time visiting the exhibition.

After lunch I attended the Archiving Websites session, which was really an eye opener for me. The preamble was the proliferation of the Internet and the realization that the production of digital content had out number the capacity for storage. Also mentioned were the concept Digital Shadows and Digital Footprint that we created traversing the Internet. The notion that it could be either scary or interesting. If you want to archive your websites or any other websites you have to be focus and be aware of the legal issues surrounding it. It was suggested by the panel the best method to do it is by way of mirroring. I was introduced to Offline Explorer Pro 5.0.

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